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Why Willard?

Willard Sorority Promotes Academic Achievement

Willard encourages each individual member to reach her fullest potential by providing intellectual opportunities. Willard begins academic programming immediately with the New Member Program. Scholarship is one of the five Pillars of Willard, as academic achievement is the number one priority. Willard is dedicated to helping each member succeed academically through scholarship programming, recognition incentives, and mentoring opportunities. Willard continues to have the highest GPA of all Greek houses on campus.

Willard Sorority Builds Leadership Skills

Willard sisters develop leadership talents through "hands-on" experience in a variety of fields. Through chairing a project, leading an intramural team, holding an executive board office, or creating a fund raising campaign, Willard provides a solid training ground for young women to develop and hone their skill set that will be easily transferable to the workplace. Sisters learn to handle conflict resolution, manage multiple projects, practice public speaking, develop marketing strategies and run a chapter meeting!

Willard Sorority Instills a Sense of Philanthropy

Willard Sorority is actively involved in the support of Make-A-Wish Foundation and Huntington Elementary School. Through educational awareness programs, to community service projects, to fund raising activities, each member creatively donates their time, energy and money to assist these philanthropies and many others (Race for the Cure, etc.). Giving one's personal time and talents to a worthy cause is rewarded with a sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction; the habit of giving to others is often a lifetime addiction!

Willard Sorority Creates a Lifelong Bond of Friendship

The incredible bond of sisterhood provides a special connection which begins in college and lasts a lifetime. These distinctive ties of friendship provide a network of female support in every phase of a member's life. These friendships will enrich a sister's college experience, as well as provide exceptional connections in both personal and professional life after graduation. Every woman who is a Willard was on Nebraska Wesleyan's campus and shares a similar experience. These bonds span the generations and are unique to Willard.

Why Willard?: About Us
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