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Our Heritage

The Willard Creed

Love and Law

True Love is founded in rocks of Remembrance

In stones of Forbearance and mortar of pain.

The workman lays wearily granite on granite,

And bleeds for his castle, 'mid sunshine and rain.

Love is not velvet, not all of it velvet,

Not all of it banners, not gold-leaf alone.

'Tis stern as the ages and old as Religion.

With Patience its watchword and Law for its throne.

                                       – Vachel Lindsay (1914) 

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Symbols and Insignia

The Willard active pin has 16 pearls surrounding the Willard "W". The pearls represent:

 Purity of thought and deed,

  Effort to give Service to those in need,

  Refined so my presence is an added grace,

  Faithfulness always has its place,

  Endeavoring for Patience with the less fortunate, you know,

  Culture that develops and continues to grow,

  Trusting in God and man our test,

  Willingness to strive for the very best.

  Only through Love can we achieve,

  Moved by a Truth in what we believe,

  A Courage that is a stand for the true,

  Need for a Poise to carry us through,

  Honor upholding good character state,

  Offering Gentleness... a womanly trait.

  Others first... unselfishly I'll attain,

  Developing Loyalty... I'll give and gain.

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