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A Message from the President
Membership at Willard 

Dearest Alumnae and Friends of Willard Sorority,

In the fall of 2017, I registered for formal recruitment with the hope of simply making friends.
Little did I know the impact my recruitment experience would have for years to come. Laughing
with the women of Willard, feeling the genuine bond of sisterhood, and seeing authenticity and
confidence overflowing, I knew I had found my home among the women of Willard Sorority. As I
enter into my Junior year, I have had the opportunity to serve as the Junior Panhellenic
Delegate, Vice President, and current President of the cherished chapter that has given me
more than words can express.

Since the founding of Willard Sorority in 1889, members have continued to uphold our five
pillars of character, sisterhood, scholarship, service and commitment. Today, the chapter is
home to sixty-two incredible women. Every Willard has unique life experiences, knowledge, and
passions, all of which contribute to the diversity of the chapter. Willard Sorority is united by the
timeless bond of sisterhood and grounded on the mission to strive for perfect womanhood, both
of which continue to drive our chapter forward. On behalf of the active chapter, welcome to the
nation’s oldest and largest local sorority!

The women of Willard are leaders in the classroom and beyond. Over the years, Willard has
placed in the top among the Nebraska Wesleyan University Greek Community in regard to
academic success. In the 2019 spring semester, Willard Sorority had a cumulative grade point
average of 3.62, exceeding that of the all sorority, all greek, all female, and all university
semester grade point average. Our women excel academically and are celebrated through
initiation into academic honoraries. Over the past several years, Willard women have taken
advantage of the Capitol Hill Internship Program, study abroad programs, internships and
various research opportunities.

Each semester, the active chapter hosts events promoting inclusivity. Sisterhood retreats,
chapter study nights, formals and socials, foster lifelong friendships and memories. Events are
held throughout the year to celebrate the supportive individuals in our lives, our scholarly
success, the Nebraska Wesleyan staff who contribute to our education, and the alumnae who
provide endless encouragement. The active members are challenged to devote at least twelve
hours each semester to a cause in which their passion lies. In the spring of 2019, active
members volunteered a total of 1,180 hours to campus clubs, local organizations, and global
relief efforts. As a chapter, we take pride in giving back to our community as exemplified by our
annual philanthropies. The proceeds from Rock-A-Thon, our annual fall philanthropy hosted in
partnership with a fraternity on campus, benefits Nebraska Make-A-Wish. In the Spring, our
annual Build Your Own Burrito philanthropy benefits Fresh Start, a transition shelter for Lincoln
women. The proceeds from our S’more Local Love philanthropy is donated to a cause that
speaks to the active chapter. Lastly, Relay for Life unites the Greek and Wesleyan Community
to raise money for advancements in cancer research.

I can sincerely say that I cannot imagine my life without my sisters by my side. I owe much of
my growth as a person and leader to the women in my chapter who inspire and motivate me
daily. I am a firm believer that home isn’t a place, but rather a feeling of sincere acceptance and
love. Willard Sorority will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. I am honored to
have the opportunity to serve as President for the 2019 calendar year.​

Willard Love and all of mine,

Konpal Rafique

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