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A Message from the President
Membership at Willard 

It is my most humbling opportunity to serve as the President of Willard Sorority. Willard Sorority is home to a diverse and intellectual group of 69 members, all united under the common bond of sisterhood. After 127 years, Willard has maintained the title as the oldest and largest local sorority in the United States. Since our founding in 1889 we have continued to strive for perfect womanhood through the improvement our character, scholarship, sisterhood, community, and service. 

Character is the pillar that ensures Willard women will be sustainable and successful in the future. Willard has attracted some of the most genuine, responsible, and honorable women who have a strong commitment to themselves and to the Greek Community. This trait has lead Willards to be successful in the future and to sustain our message of striving for perfect womanhood as a local sorority. 

Willard sorority has prioritized academic excellence and individual intellectual pursuits as the ultimate goal of higher education. Our chapter has continually placed top in grades out of the Nebraska Wesleyan University Greek System, receiving an overall cumulative GPA of 3.62. Willard takes pride in the number of our members who take advantage of complementary academic opportunities such as the Washington Internship Programs (5) and study abroad programs (2) this semester. 

Although we are a diverse group of women, Willard Sorority seeks to empower the individual member through the establishment of a collective identity: sisterhood. We regularly host sisterhood events that promote our inclusive culture and fun personalities. Bonding events have included chapter lock-ins, big/little family gatherings, movie nights, and various retreats. 

Our chapter’s commitment to campus involvement exemplifies our commitment to community. Many of our members are active in Student Affairs Senate, numerous honor societies, Panhellenic Council, Relay for Life, campus Ambassadors, new student orientation programs, and much more. Through outside involvement Willards learn to broaden their perspective and work with a variety of people, spreading the message of our chapter values.  

We challenge our members to devote 12 hours a semester to a cause they care most about. Our sisters have donated their time to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, the American Civil Liberties Union, the People’s City Mission, and many more. Every Willard participates in our annual philanthropy events Build Your Own Burrito, Rock-A-Thon, and Relay for Life. Build Your Own Burrito supports Fresh Start, a female transitional shelter in Lincoln: Rock-A-Thon proceedings are donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation after Willard Women and Zeta-Psi men rock for 24 hours; and Relay for Life unites the entire Greek Campus to raise money to combat cancer through activities.  

I can honestly say that nothing means as much to me as Willard Sorority. Over the course of my time here I have made my best friends, created my fondest memories, volunteered extensively in my community, excelled in academics, and became a leader of the Greek Community. I have learned that while life has given me twists and turns, Willard Sorority remained the most stable and consistent thing in my life. My sisters support, guidance, and love has transformed me into the woman I am proud to be today. 

Willard love and all things good,
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