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What is a Sorority?
A Sorority is a sisterhood. It is a sisterhood of women that have gathered together to promote a common set of ideals and purposes. It is a group of women who work and interact closely together. So much of the college experience is sharing: sharing ideas, sharing concerns, sharing fun, sharing friends. Sorority membership provides a unique form of group experience designed especially for sharing.

In the 19th century, colleges were for men only, and fraternities were going strong on college campuses across the nation. At the end of the century, women were finally able to pursue a higher education. Yet, college remained a predominately male environment. To triumph in that environment, women searched for encouragement and support as well as an outlet for their talents and dreams via literary societies and sororities.

Sorority membership enables you to make lasting friendships, to develop leadership qualities, and to better organize your time. Individual growth is encouraged. A member does not become what her group is, but rather it becomes what she is.

All sororities are essentially idealistic, committed to high principles and worthwhile endeavors. The guiding principle of each sorority is that of developing the greatest potential of each member according to her individual talents, skills, and personality. Sorority life is designed to inspire you and to help you get the most from your college experience.​
The Greek Community
Why Go Greek?
High school and college can be some of the best times of your life. These years are a time to grow and find out who you are and how you can reach your potential. For hundreds of thousands of students, Greek life can make this experience one of the best times of your life.

Greek organizations have been an integral part of Higher Education since 1888. For over one hundred years, the Greek community has continually striven for academic excellence and a strong community spirit. The Greek system provides an endless array of leadership opportunities and opportunities to grow and enrich yourself. The friendships made will create a bond that will last a lifetime.​

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The Greek Alphabet
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