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Willard Sorority Chapter Eternal

Shirley Carson Larson
Class of 1961 ~ died February 7, 2019

Shirley McArdle Engquist
Class of 1957 ~ died June 2, 2018

Audrey Ritter Wiegert-Sherman
Class of 1955 ~ died September 5, 2018

Dorothy Schnuelle Leeson
Class of 1952 ~ died August 4, 2018

Mary Bohling Crumbliss
Class of 1958 ~ died May 20, 2018

Chapter Eternal is a list of Willard alumnae who have passed away.  We recognize these women at our annual Alumnae Luncheon by reading their name and moving a rose from one vase to another vase in their honor.
In memory of...