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Nebraska Wesleyan University


The Oldest & Largest Local Sorority in the United States
Welcome to Willard Sorority
In the fall of 1889, in the first year of the life of Nebraska Wesleyan University, seven young women of similar ideals
founded the first society of women on the Wesleyan campus. They were: Pauline WinterElsie BromwellJulia TaskettMyrta ApplebeeGrace BeckerGrace au Miller, and Blanche Martin. They chose for the name of their society, WILLARD, in memory of Frances E. Willard, who was a symbol of PERFECT WOMANHOOD.
We, the women of Willard Sorority, seek the crown of perfect womanhood. In this pursuit, we strive to obtain the qualities of love, generosity and integrity, while aiming to achieve intellectual development. Thus, we, the women of Willard, endeavor to nurture unique individuality of each member in order to strengthen the fellowship of our sole chapter.